Transition Stroud is a dynamic group of volunteers who are supporting the local community to strengthen its’ local economy, reduce the cost of living and prepare for a future with less oil and a changing climate.

Anyone can be involved.  Everyone is needed.

We began in 2006, and are one of over 1000 similar initiatives around the world developing practical answers to the question – “How can our community respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change?”

“A future without oil could be better than the present if we use our imagination and think creatively.”

Rob Hopkins

1st meeting of Transition Stroud Book Group

Come along to discuss the recent edition of the Transition Free Press newspaper and discuss which books to read in the group.

Copies are available for £1 from the Stroud Valleys Project Eco-shop in Threadneedle St, Stroud (and you can read the paper online here, though it’s not nearly as easy as in paper form).

Black Book Cafe, Nelson St, Stroud Friday 4th July 16.00

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The idea behind the weekend was to answer the questions – ‘Why be Sustainable?’ and ‘What can we do to be Sustainable?’ From simple solutions (for example, changing light bulbs) to more complex and expensive solutions (for example installing ground source heat pumps).

This is the sixth event of this kind organised by Transition Stroud with the highest number of homes opening to date.

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