SkillsGain focuses on providing the skills and knowledge we will need tomorrow by offering lectures and workshops today. Delivered by skilled facilitators and open to all residents of Stroud District.


Workshops usually last 2 hours are delivered by skilled volunteers and are open to all residents of Stroud District.


We usually ask for a contribution (£5 or 4 Stroud pounds) to cover venue hire. There may be additional costs for any materDraught-bustingials used in workshops.


Through the SkillsGain taster programme it is hoped many people will go on to gain new skills. The skills we need are not just related to practical skills of growing or making things – but also the personal skills we need to maintain our own resilience. SkillsGain workshops will offer both. So come along to a SkillsGain Workshop – aimed at re-skilling the community for our changing world.


For more information about SkillsGain workshops, to make an offer of a workshop, to discuss future plans, or to request a workshop run in the past is repeated, email or phone 07725 900666


Zero Carbon Britain

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has produced a report “Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future”. SkillsGain devoted two workshops to this important report. Download a copy for free from


Zero Carbon Britain – a practical reality


Zero Carbon Britain – my carbon footprint and how to reduce it


Other workshops have included:


  • How Can We Buy Ethically
  • Make Your Own String
  • Willow Supports for the Garden
  • Great food from small gardens
  • Sewing, Mending & Revitalising
  • The Fundamentals of Health, the Essential Fats – and truffles!
  • An Introduction to Composting at Home
  • Knitting :the basics
  • Woodland Skills
  • Willow Christmas Decorations
  • Energy Efficiency: Going Green on a Budget
  • Bake Your Own Bread
  • Leave the Car at Home!
  • Connecting
  • Great food from small gardens
  • Go Biodiesel?
  • An Introduction to Composting at Home
  • Minimising Your Energy Costs
  • Insulating your Home – the options
  • Heating your Home – the options
  • Generating your Own Energy – the options
  • Designing Your Garden for Wildlife
  • Permaculture – What’s it all about?
  • Building your Building Skills
  • Make your own Hedgerow Fruit Wines
  • Putting on a Shadow Puppet Show
  • Summer Jam Making
  • Urban Beekeeping
  • Fix It For Free
  • Round Wood Cleaving
  • Festive Willow
  • Round Wood Cleaving
  • Introduction to Co-counselling
  • Make your Own Cheese and Butter
  • Spring Seed Sowing
  • Willow Supports For the Garden
  • Gardening for the Terrified
  • Surplus Vegetables – and what to do with them!
  • Communicating and Campaigning Online
  • Seed Saving
  • Making Cakes out of Vegetables!
  • Developing Personal Resilience