Eco Open Homes



Interest in greener technologies has never been higher and Stroud has a strong and growing reputation as a ‘greener’ place to live.


Previous annual events in Stroud have demonstrated a clear interest in eco-renovation, and the need for local information and experience sharing.


Many people intending to eco-renovate their homes would like to meet with others  who have already done so. Intriguingly, in previous years, people learnt as much about the importance of insulation and energy efficiency as the newer, more aspirational Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies such as photovoltaics.


We will be planning further events in the future.

Here’s what we did in 2014…..


May 3rd and 4th 2014

air pumpThe idea behind the weekend was to answer the questions – ‘Why be Sustainable?’ and ‘What can we do to be Sustainable?’From simple solutions (for example, changing light bulbs) to more complex and expensive solutions (for example installing ground source heat pumps).


2014 saw the sixth event of this kind organised by Transition Stroud with a record 27 homes opening over the Bank Holiday weekend, to demonstrate and give advice about renewables and energy efficiency measures.


Over 700 visits were made to the homes and nearly 100 to the Installers Fair at the Subscription Rooms, Stroud the weekend before.


Many participants say they have been inspired to take energy efficiency measures and consider renewables in their own homes after the weekend. Some people, having visited before and made changes to their own homes, visited again this year for inspiration towards their next eco-renovation or building plans.


Transition Stroud is very grateful to the home owners, without whom this event would not be possible, to Green Open Doors and Ready for Retrofit for funding the event and to Stroud District Council and Severn Wye Energy Agency for their support.