Transition Stroud Council


Transition Stroud Council (TSC) is the body that has responsibility for any central decision making on behalf of Transition Stroud.


This includes:

  • overseeing the role of any paid posts
  • strategic decisions
  • future development
  • internal communications
  • co-ordination and
  • any legal/partnership issues


The TSC came into being at the beginning of 2009 following a 9 month consultation process facilitated by the Co-coordinator Support Group.


While the Working Groups can make autonomous decisions, it was recognised that some central forum, the TSC, was required for overall strategy, planning and consistency.


It was agreed that each Working Group would send a nominated representative to the TSC. The representative need not necessarily be the group co-ordinator but there must be reasonable continuity of representation, with each nomination to stand for 6 months.


Voting rights in the TSC will be limited to those who have been nominated. Other TS members* and representatives of affiliated organisations may attend as observers but may speak only at the discretion of the chair and speaking rights should normally sought from the chair prior to each meeting.


The TSC agenda is to be circulated in advance to all TS members, who can submit comments via their group representative or via the TSC Co-ordinator.


In addition to the TSC there will be open meetings for all TS members at least once every 6 months. Agendas for these will be open to requests from members but functions would be to celebrate our successes, consider any upcoming strategic issues before the TSC needs to make a decision on them, and to review draft proposals from the TSC.


Transition Stroud meetings

We now hold around 5 or 6 meetings where council business can be discussed, and 5 or 6 open meetings with talks or discussions open to all. For details of future meeting dates see our Events page.

Minutes of past council meetings can be found here.


Current directors


Rachel Beckett
James Beecher 10401890_1520070691598199_939306622545948042_n
Seb Buckton

Company Secretary

Seb 4
Treasurer: Claire Deacon
Yvonne Dignon
Katherine Hallewell
Laura Siefert
Martin Whiteside 1656291_10152171109415020_479966030_n
Erik Wilkinson images


Current Transition Stroud Guarantor members:

Clare Sheridan

Corin Hughes

Emily Smith

Erik Wilkinson

Gail Bradbrook

Helen Pitel

Helen Royall

John Meadley

Liz Hillary

Martin Whiteside

Mike Jones

Nigel Westaway

Paul Sheridan

Philip Booth

Simon Allen

Tara Downs