Supporting the Stroud community during the Covid-19 pandemic

Transition Stroud has taken the decision to

  1.  to cancel all public/face-to-face events and meetings until at least the end of April (although most likely until at least the end of May).
  2.  to move all meetings onto Zoom – it is easy to use and it is prefereable if we all use the same platform so that those who haven’t used online meeting software before don’t have to learn several different ones. We will be sharing guidance on how to use Zoom in the next week.
  3. to focus on helping the Stroud Mutual Aid network for the next 3 months – – with practical support, relevant social media posts and additions to our website.

Transition Stroud will be doing all that it can, as an organisation and as a group of individuals, to help support the community of the Stroud District through the next 6 months.

We will use this website to signpost all of the resources that we think may help you. Please click on the Covid-19 menu link to see the different topics that we are going to be covering.

Please also visit Stroud Coronavirus Community Response where you will find

  • details of local Neighbour Networks
  • a daily update (local & national)
  • tons of helpful resources

There is a lot of misinformation spreading at the moment but we trust this website and those who run it.

Please email Tosca on to let us know if there is anything you would particularly like to see here and/or if you have a contribution you would like to make to the page.