Transition Stroud is a dynamic group of volunteers working for a future with more locally grown food, readily available sustainable energy, better transport and strong communities.


Our focus is on engagement, learning and action

Anyone can be involved

Everyone is needed

We were established in 2006, and our first projects began in 2007, making us the world’s fifth Transition town. There are now over 1,000 similar initiatives in 50 countries around the world.

Transition Stroud is part of the Transition Towns movement, which started early in the 21st century.

The movement aims to help communities within the Stroud District to become more resilient in the face of the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

We are a non-profit company, and not affiliated to any government or political organisation.

We organise through regular council meetings. Our documents are open to all – reports, agm minutes and council meeting minutes can be found here. Our Level 2 Privacy Notice can be found here.

We also seek to influence key local organisations by promoting wider actions for a sustainable future.  See our response to the Stroud District Local Plan: Emerging Strategy 2018, the Industrial Strategy Review, and A Local Industrial Strategy for Gloucestershire for more detail. Read Transition Stroud’s repsonse to the Stroud Town Council cultural strategy, “Stroud Connects” here.

Why Transition?

A future without oil could be better than the present if we use our imagination and think creatively.” – Rob Hopkins

Our lives depend on the abundance of oil and other fossil fuels: for travel, heating, manufacturing and food production. As demand for oil starts to outstrip supply (peak oil) we are seeing significant impacts on our day-to-day life.

Fossil fuel use is also causing changes to our climate that disrupt natural systems and human livelihoods around the world, as well as here in Stroud.
An alternative way….

  Our transport choices have an impactGrowing your own

If we plan and act together we can create a way of living that’s more connected and more vibrant than the oil-addicted treadmill we find ourselves on today.

Transition is about re-creating our future based on localised food, sustainable energy, local economies and an enlivened sense of community well-being.

In the face of economic turmoil, localising production and consumption will be good for jobs and quality of life as well as reducing our vulnerability to oil prices and the impacts of climate change.

Climate change makes reducing our use of fossil fuels essential; peak oil makes it inevitable.