Next Reading Group Meeting

Transition Stroud reading group discusses The Future of Food

Following the film and discussion event on Sunday February 22nd, we will be discussing the ideas in more depth and in relation to books in the TS library at a meeting of the Transition Stroud reading group.

Date: Saturday 28th February 2015
Place: Black Book Cafe, Nelson St, Stroud, GL5 2HL
Time: 4 am – 6pm.

Rather than focus on a single book, this month the Transition Stroud reading group invites anyone who has read a book on the future of food to come and offer a review and discuss how insights from a range of books compare and could be implemented locally.

The following questions will form a structure to the discussion:

What are the problems a future food system needs to address?
Are there conflicts between different ideals of a future food system? What other barriers do we face in improving the provision and sustainability of food?
What most inspires you to take action locally – what new projects might help?

Books currently in the Transition Stroud library which people may find relevant include:

“Good Food for Everyone Forever: A People’s Takeover of the World’s Food Supply” – by Colin Tudge
“The Carbon Fields: How Our Countryside Can Save Britain” – by Graham Harvey
“So Shall We Reap: What’s Gone Wrong with the World’s Food – and How to Fix it” – by Colin Tudge
“The Killing of the Countryside” – by Graham Harvey
“The End of Food” – by Paul Roberts
“Tescopoly: How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why it Matters” – by Andrew Simms
“Meat – a benign extravagance?” – by Simon Fairlie
“On Guerilla Gardening” – by Richard Reynolds
“The Organic Tradition: An Anthology of Writings on Organic Farming, 1900-1950” – edited by Philip Conford