Connections Working Group

 The Connections group, which grew out of a Heart and Soul group and a Psychology of Change group in spring 2007, has currently gone into hibernation.



During its active life the group

*  discussed the process of change involved in moving from a high to a low carbon 
   lifelstyle based on the notion of making connections with others as a tool for change
*  celebrated the Celtic seasonal festivals as a means of reconnecting with Mother Earth
*  provided a model for facilitating the TS Open Meetings
*  set up and hosted an Open Space workshop for TS to identify issues current in TS
*  provided the How Can I Make A Difference challenge on the TS stall at Nailstock
   and a follow-up
*  hosted a series of films and discussions designed to enable the audience to both make
   connections betwen how they are living their own lives and to make connections with
   other people in the audience
*  provided a space at group meetings to share feelings and experiences about personal
   and global issues
The group has gone into hibernation due to the energy of its members going towards personal matters and other TS and related projects at the present time. Jackie Rowanly will remain as co-ordinator and represent the Connections group on the TS Council.
If anyone reading this feels inspired to inject new life into the group, then please feel free to do so!