Ecocide law

Polly Higgins has recently moved to Stroud and is organising this event. She says:

“For me New Law – Ecocide law – sits at the heart of how we choose to govern our world. It’s our choice: sit back and let the wheels of destruction continue, or stand up, speak out and say ‘enough, no more’. It’s a choice-point where each of us can choose. Which is why I choose to speak out. I choose to host a Day of Action on the 6th of September (see below), to mobilise local and global action for a law of Ecocide. I’d love you to join me – either in person on online for the livestream. The guys at Facing Crossroads shall be there to film it all, and shall be helping message out this one story that looks set to become truly a global story in the making. Come help me as we step into the next chapter!”

The event is free. Email to let them know you can attend,
or join the livestream on the day at +
People from across the world shall be joining us, both online and in person. Everyone is a participant.


° Do you live locally? Can you offer a bed to any of the participants? If so, please email
° Please share this event on twitter, facebook, your local cafes and noticeboards (as it will be livestreamed, people can be involved from all over the world – not just in Stroud!). Copy and paste the above or download the poster here: Earth In Our Hands Day of Action
° Do you have an idea as to how to take Ecocide law forward? Please come and share your plans. There will be break-out sessions and round-table mobilization. You can input online too.