Energy Descent Action Plan

The Energy group is thinking about working with the community to create an Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP).

An energy descent action plan (EDAP) is a local plan to help a community manage the transition from today’s way of living to a future in which oil is scarce and energy is generally more expensive.  It is not imposed by government – the strength of an EDAP is that it is a bottom-up approach to change, created by the community that will be living through that change.

For information about Energy Descent Action plans, click or put "energy descent action plan" into your favourite search engine.

Some initial thinking about the EDAP has been done by John Meadley – the document is here:


If you are interested in discussing an EDAP for the Stroud area, please join our google group to chat and find out about our next meeting.  To join the group, click then click "apply for group membership" on the right-hand menu.  You will need a google account – these are free and you’ll be prompted to set one up if you need to.