Fair Shares Community Time Banks

Fair Shares Community Time Banks
Fair Shares is built on the principle of being a good neighbour, someone gets a helping hand and then returns the favour.

The mutual exchange of time between people helps to build a more cohesive community. No matter what is done or what skills used, an hour of voluntary work earns one time credit. This can then be banked and used at any time to receive an hour of someone else’s time or it could be donated to a friend or relative or to a ‘community pot’, which can be drawn on, to support those who have more needs. Organisations and groups can also join and help each other by sharing resources and equipment.

Offering time credits for voluntary work acts as an incentive for people to volunteer their time and this is enormously beneficial to the local community. Anybody can get involved in time banking and all skills and contributions are valued equally. All we ask is that participants consider what skills they can offer others and agree to the idea of sharing skills.

Fair Shares groups in Stroud and Stonehouse have regular meetings and we are aiming to do the same in Dursley. We also organise social events such as barbeques, nature walks or trips out, run classes to develop various skills and have delivered the innovative “Life Histories Project” and the ‘Intergenerational Project’

So if you have a bit of spare time or want to get a little something back for voluntary work you already do, then why not get involved with Fair Shares. Life’s better with a little help.

For more info contact: Chris Moore, Fair Shares, The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud GL5 1DF Tel 750952

Email: stroud@fairshares.org.uk Website: www.fairshares.org.uk