Getting Organised

The Co-ordinator Support Group was set up in May 2008 to support our new voluntary Co-ordinator (Helen Royall) and review a number of organisational issues.  Members are Nigel Westaway (co-ordinator), Simon Allen, and Melissa Roussopoulos. Briefly, we were to:

  • develop a job specification for current and future coordinators
  • review TS financial management 
  • review organisational structures with reference to other Transition groups and the Transition Network
  • propose a suitable organisational form for TS
  • network with other TS groups

To see the full brief download: pdf Support Group Brief 60 Kb 

What We Have Done 

We have met a number of times, both to support Helen with questions and decisions as they arose, and to look into the issues above.  In between meetings:

  • we talked to people within the TS network
  • met with group co-ordinators together; and
  • ad hoc contact

Simon and Melissa researched via internet, conversations and meetings outside the TS network:

  • other Transition Initiatives
  • the Transition Network
  • organisational consultants

 Through this, we gathered detailed information on our own history; other Transition Initiatives; and various organisational forms.  A review of key aspects of Stroud and three other Transition Initiatives was compiled and can be read here: doc Transition Initiatives Key Details, Sept 08 50 Kb 
Please note these details were true for September 2008 and are likely to change rapidly.

Transition Stroud ‘Getting Organised’ Meetings

On 27th September, we invited all Transition Stroud members to a day we organised and ran to:

  • agree a common purpose for Transition Stroud
  • explore our vision and our strategic approach
  • look at a range of organisational models used by other Transition Towns
  • reach a common understanding of the current shape of Transition Stroud, and its strengths and weaknesses
  • explore options for internal structure, working groups and legal status
  • agree how we move forward after the workshop

An evening catch-up session was subsequently run on 15th October for members who had been unable to attend on 27th – this was to brief them on outcomes and capture their input to the process.   Both meetings were very productive and, while much was achieved, it became clear that a further half day meeting was required to finalise key aspects.  The full report from both meetings can be read here: doc Workshop Report 400 Kb

The next meeting will be held from 1.45 – 5 pm on 8th November at Stroud Valleys Art Space  (John Street Stroud GL5 2HA) to take things forward.  Please do attend, however if you were not part of the earlier meetings, we would ask you to read the reports above before attending as there will not be time to revisit issues already discussed. 

If you would like to input but cannot attend the 8th November meeting, please email Helen Royall with any comments.