Government and Business Working Group

On the back of Heinberg, we made senior level contacts within Stroud District Council. We used the Portland (Oregon) Transition Plan as a vehicle to facilitate discussion. Stroud District Council was open to this discussion. Between us, we resolved to develop a district wide adaptation plan along the lines of Portland, Oregon.

As a result, a Think Tank has been commissioned by the Local Strategic Partnership to examine the district-wide adaptation to Climate Change and Peak Oil.  Two members of Transition Stroud sit on this Think Tank – Dave Judd and Fi Macmillan.  The Think Tank meets quarterly and takes submissions in specialist areas – the first one in December was on the planning environment and what can and can’t be done within SDC to adapt, using the current planning framework.  This session has been summarised and TS has made significant input to the thinking of what is required to adapt to Peak Oil. The report has now gone forward to the LSP for consultation among members.  The next session in Feb/Mar is on Housing.  This is an important vehicle for both developing some kind of adaptation plan, and also for raising awareness amongst LSP members of peak oil. The group has gained recognition/statement of support from Stroud Town Council for Transition Stroud.

In addition BGG has formulated a response to the LSP public consultation on the Sustainable Communities Strategy.  See

At the moment BGG is also working on circulating a document from the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre to all district councillors. This has been the thrust of our work in the first year and we are aware of the need to connect with businesses.

February 2008