Health Working Group

The Health Group aim to investigate the issue of community health. What is a healthy community? What are the issues that need tackling? What resources do we have locally? We will look at educating people into health and supporting one another in moving towards a vibrant, healthy community.


The first meeting of the transition health group (29th March 2009) outlined a number of key themes that will be touched upon in this area:

In the first meeting we identified that there is a need to localise health care as much as possible, and that this healthcare starts with self-support and community support. We need to draw on local expertise and information and find how we can best find local information/expertise that can meet need. We have decided to call this a ‘neighbourghood care scheme’ and areas of particular interest would include:

  1. The availability of good quality food
  2. The importance of community / happy relationships
  3. The importance of a positive outlook on transition, a sense of purpose and supportive belief system
  4. Encouragement to exercise
  5. The importance of self-awareness – know when you are well or out of balance
  6. The importance of self-empowerment – how to manage your own healthcare
  7. Availability of education into self health care – access to expert knowledge base
  8. Availability / affordability / access to medicines and remedies (for self care)
  9. Access to expert health care (prioritising local provision)