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The challenge of our times is one of responding well to continuing far-reaching change. The Transition movement presents information about the scale of change that is coming and invites a choice – plan for change and ride its waves, or be caught unprepared and possibly knocked sideways by its force.


Our outer actions, and therefore the external systems for living that we create, are shaped by our inner worldview and belief system. Likewise our inner world is affected by the outer world which creates in particular our physical experience and shapes our relationships.HeartSoul_Group


So we must ask, ‘when we talk about and act Transition, what  does the inner transition look like that supports, reflects or initiates that inner change?’ And in designing a community process, what can we do to help create a healthy inner transition to a sane, stable and enjoyable world in the same way that re-localising food production helps to make a healthy, sustainable, physical world for the future?


Stroud has many therapists, psychologists, workshop leaders, spiritual teachers and leaders and we could probably ohm our way out of our present predicament with incense and meditation but that is not all that is necessary. We need to understand how inner change happens and work on some Resilience Indicators for inner transition.


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