Stroud Community Agriculture

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Stroud Community Agriculture is a new type of sustainable farming. Built on cooperation and mutual support the risks and rewards of farming are shared between the farmers and consumers. The consumers commit themselves to supporting the farm and providing a fair income for the farmers. The farmers receive a reasonable wage and everyone shares high quality, locally-grown organic vegetables and meat. The farmers can then develop the health and fertility of the farm, its wildlife and environment. All the produce from the farm is shared between the supporting consumers or sold locally if there is a surplus.

We lease 23 acres at Hawkwood less than 1 mile from the centre of Stroud. This is a beautiful and tranquil location and has been farmed organically for many years. We also lease 23 acres of land at Brookthorpe, three miles away on the way to Gloucester. Members collect vegetables each week and can also buy a share of the meat, if they want to. Everyone pays a monthly contribution towards the farm and a fee for their share of the produce.

We are looking for new members for the farm. If you know of an event or somewhere that you think would be good for us to promote the farm, please let us know.

Contact: Clare and Paul Sheridan, 0845 4580814 Web-site: