Stroud Permaculture Group

Stroud Permaculture Group
PERMACULTURE (noun) – “The use of nature’s principles to design systems to provide for our needs of food, shelter, energy and community. Earth Care – People Care – Fair Shares.”

Interested, or already practising Permaculture? Want to learn more? Want to share what you know? Link up with other people in the Stroud area by joining Stroud Permaculture Group (no membership fee).

This is a new group, still developing and working out what we want to do, and what we can do. Our conversations are mainly email-based at present, but we do get together for practical face-to-face events and shared meals when we can. Although barely a year old, the group has over 40 members.

We organise a Permaculture Design Course in Stroud, which started in 2012, and through this have developed designs for local permaculture projects.

We now have a web-site:
To join, email Peter Richardson

If you don’t have email: 01453 756608