Stroud Valleys Action On Plastic

  • Eliminating single-use plastic and plastic bottles
  • Supporting initiatives that help local businesses and individuals to eliminate the use of single-use plastic
  • Raising awareness about plastic pollution and offering practical solutions and alternatives

Primary Contact: Claudi Williams

Useful Links: Facebook GroupClaudi’s Living Without Plastic Blog

This group is for members of the public from the Stroud district who wish to take part in projects that help the town, local businesses and individuals to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

We aim to reduce single-use plastic at festivals and events; reduce unnecessary plastic packaging in shops, markets, cafes, restaurants and pubs; help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles though targeted projects such as public water fountains and joining the ‘Refill’ scheme; support individuals to reduce plastic use at home; stage awareness raising campaigns and educate the young on plastic pollution issues and solutions.

There is a small core group whose aim it is to liaise between the wider group and Transition Stroud; to coordinate public meetings, to conduct research to verify facts and data, to ensure that we avoid duplication of campaigns, to raise awareness and educate the public on plastic pollution and solutions, to vote on and coordinate projects.