Stroudco Foodubcollection
Stroudco is Stroud’s only not-for-profit social enterprise providing a wide range of local food and drink at affordable prices. It is a co-operative of local producers and consumers running an internet-based trading system which uses Parliament Primary School as a drop-off point every Saturday. Stroudco now has nearly 200 customers and the growth in sales has made the following changes possible:

  • Vastly increased product range.
  • Trading every Saturday so you don’t have to remember whether this is a Stroudco week or not!
  • More flexible collection times so that you can collect from the school anytime during the week by arrangement. There is also a home delivery option.

Stroudco prices are competitive with (and often cheaper than) the supermarkets for equivalent products, and all products are ethically produced, and the vast majority produced local to Stroud.

See the full list of produce available and prices at

Your food hub is still finding its feet. We need to know what needs to be changed to make it work better for you. Please contact us with suggestions.

The food hub is free to join. Just go to and click on ‘Start shopping now’. For more details of the food hub or if you would like to sell produce through the hub please phone contact Nick on 01453 840037 or