Transition Stroud Volunteer Bank

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Transition Stroud! There are two main ways to find volunteer opportunities in Transition Stroud:

1) Join a working group. You can find out which working groups we haveand how to contact them on our website,

2) Sign up to the volunteer bank. This is a list of people (a “bank”) who are interested in helping out occasionally, but who don’t want to commit to aformal role or responsibility in the organisation.

If you signup to the volunteer bank, you can make a big difference to Transition Stroud,even by doing very small things. We wantyou to have a positive and successful experience of volunteering withTransition Stroud. If you join theVolunteer Bank, here is what we offer, and what we expect:

What you are signing up to

What we are signing up to

You are happy for us to contact you about volunteering opportunities – which you are free to accept or reject

We will contact you about opportunities only for volunteering with Transition Stroud – and we will never pressure you to accept them

You will tell us how much time you can offer for any particular volunteering opportunity you want to pursue

We will be clear about what we need from you in any volunteer opportunity – especially about the time and effort required

You will be clear with other Transition Stroud volunteers about the limits of what you can do or are prepared to do

We will recognise and value your contribution, however small or large it is

You will treat all volunteers with Transition Stroud as valued colleagues

We will welcome you as one of us

If you are representing Transition Stroud to the public, your actions and words will be in keeping with the Transition Stroud mission

We will offer you whatever support we are realistically able to

If for any reason you will not be working with us as you had agreed, you will let us know as soon as you can

We respect the fact that you have many priorities in your life, and will accept in a positive spirit any changes to your volunteering plans

You will behave with integrity and abide by all UK laws when working as a Transition Stroud volunteer, and will respect the confidentiality of other volunteers’ contact details

We will provide public liability insurance and risk assessments on our events to keep you and the public safe

You will give us contact details needed to keep in touch with you about any activity you have volunteered for, and you will agree for these to be shared with the organiser of the activity

We will keep your personal data safe and never release your contact details to anyone outside Transition Stroud without your express permission

If this sounds good to you, please fill in the registration form and we’ll be in touch soon!