Transition Stroud Action Groups

Most of the activity in Transition Stroud takes place in these Action Groups. Here people concentrate their efforts on the aspects that most interest and drive them.

Join one of our groups becoming a key member, or a one off volunteer. Any level of help you can offer makes all the difference. Any interest, questions or new ideas please get in touch.

  • Eliminate single-use plastic and plastic bottles
  • Support initiatives that help local businesses and individuals
  • Raise awareness about plastic pollution and offering practical solutions and alternatives



  • Grow more food locally
  • Enhance biodiversity benefitting the whole community
  • Inspire, educate and empower people to grow their own food



  • Repair and re-use clothes, objects and material which would otherwise be thrown away
  • Share and learn vital textile skills


  • Two hour workshops delivered by skilled facilitators building self resilience skills
  • Past themes include: Get your Bike Ready for Summer; Composting Skills, Bake Your Own Bread; Seed Saving; Urban Bee Keeping; Make Your Own Marmalade; and Zero Waste Christmas.


  • Repair and reuse a valuable resource – broken items!
  • Learn to repair using all the tools and materials you’ll need
  • Specialists on hand or come to lend a hand
  • Last Saturday of every month
  • Useful links: More Info, Book a Repair Slot

Community Energy

  • A new group to stimulate and facilitate community energy projects
  • If you have ideas and want to get involved please get in touch


Film Evenings

  • Inform the public about the facts and reality of climate change
  • Inspire the public to take action
  • Work in partnership with key organisations such as the Seedbank
  • Screenings have included This Changes Everything, Trashed: The Truth About the Dash to Gas, Crude Awakening: Do the Math, Seeds of Freedom and many more
  • See our Facebook events page for the latest screening


Resilience Workshops

  • Acknowledge our feelings of “biophilia” (love of life and joy in nature) and “solastalgia” (feelings of loss, grief and powerlessness) in the face of environmental degradation and climate change
  • Exploring tools, techniques and approaches that help us stay centred and active


Climate Change Workshops


  • A two hour introduction to climate change
  • Empower individuals to embody the change they want to see
  • Aimed particularly at young people



Zero Waste

  • Move towards a zero waste lifestyle
  • Eliminate waste in the home, promoting new skills and encouraging recycling
  • Themes have included “Zero Waste Toiletries” and “Zero Waste Christmas”


Transition Streets Initiative


  • Work together in a group to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Collaborate on energy, water, food, packaging and transport


More initiatives:

Stroud Potato Day

  • Annual celebration of the potato held at Merrywalks Shopping Centre where a variety of seed potatos are sold
  • Stroud Potato Recipe Book available
  • Collaborative event with Down To Earth
  • Check out the Stroud Potato Day Blog


  • Annual event showcasing local homes that have successfully implemented eco solutions
  • Share tips and information on eco-renovation
  • Over 20 homes open ranging from listed buildings to brand new self builds



  • Annual weekend event showcasing local gardens, allotments, and orchards and the food they grow
  • Acquire knowledge from local gardeners and be inspired to grow your own


Other Projects:

  • Make, watch and share videos that celebrate life in the Five Valleys
  • Promote the diversity of Stroud
  • Raise awareness and help inspire people to take positive action
  • Create a space for voices who are less often heard
  • Encourage and develop media skills and creative talent in Stroud

Climate Books Library

    • Donate or borrow a book from our library at the Black Book Cafe in Stroud