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Recognising our responsibility for personal health community health and the health of our environment, reconnecting the individual, society and the planet

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This group is for members of the public from across the Stroud district concerned with physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. Local health practitioner, Beth Richardson, hopes to bring the Stroud community together to discuss health topics within a safe space – sharing experiences and knowledge so we can support each other to take positive action with our personal, community and planet health.

Your Health, Your Planet will facilitate regular events, short snappy informative talks, workshops and discussion sessions based upon selected health topics. Experienced health and environmental professionals will be invited to talk and receive questions around their area of interest. Drawing upon the skills, experience and support of the community a platform will be provided for questioning and deepening understanding of health.

Judy Barber – Personal and Planetary Wellness Talk (26 February 2019)

Thank you to our wonderful speaker, Judy Barber, who delivered a great talk and discussion around how our personal food choices can also help to protect our environment. Judy spoke about the importance of a majority raw vegan diet, drawing on her own experience and offering advice on how to make these choices day to day. Some topics that Judy covered included; the benefits of distilling water compared to spring water, asking questions around the health of our brains – how well are they are functioning in this new modern day? – and gave a full list of ten top ways to introduce raw and vegan into your daily food routine.

A hearty crowd turned up for Judy’s talk, providing great questions and insight into omega 3 (from the land and on our plates!), hybridisation of plants and thoughts around organic food. Questions highlighted the importance of recognising time, money, priorities as part of the accessibility of choosing foods for environmental wellbeing.

Judy offers much to share around this topic and has a lot more on the tip of her tongue! Don’t hesitate to contact her for more information or to look at the material and books she has produced as part of her passion around health. Do have a look at Judy’s resources here too. I have added some other resource links from a few other points mentioned from the audience at the talk too.

Beth Richardson

Judy Barber’s Good Stroud Resources Pdf

Additional resources:

FILM: ‘Earthlings’ the impact of large industries on our environment and economy.

FILM: ‘Cowspiracy’ Looking at pressing sustainability issues and a sustainable path amongst it.

BOOK: ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ Renowned author Michael Pollen discusses the reasons and challenges behind eating meat.

RECIPE: A gluten-free fermented buckwheat bread – delicious with greens and poached egg!

Joe St Clair – Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals Talk (5th May 2019)

Thank you to Joe St Clair for bringing our attention to and delivering information around the SDGs last Sunday. Joe had recently returned from 2 conferences at Findhorn Conference Centre and Eco Village in Scotland where he had been speaking about climate change and sustainability with other experienced individuals such as Jonathon Porritt, Vandana Shiva and Charles Eisenstein.

Joe was able to inform us around each of the 17 goals set in 2015 by the UN as a measure to focus on world sustainability. 196 countries have signed up to the declaration, that is 196 out of 196, making this a global collection of goals. It is part of Joe’s mission to make towns, communities and individuals aware of the goals so that we can focus our energy towards meetings their targets.

Joe has been setting up another arm of the World Sustainable Forum in the UK which will join 3 other established WSDF groups across the world. To quote from the WSDF website:

“While governments will certainly work towards meeting their commitments both in respect of the Paris agreement and the SDGs, the urgency of taking adequate action requires grassroots initiatives involving all stakeholders. The World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF), which has been established in three locations of the world, is attempting to create awareness; to spread information and knowledge; and to inspire action for meeting the challenge of climate change and implementing the 17 SDGs across the globe.”

Stroud came with great force to the evening. Many individuals in the crowd were frustrated and heated about the goals, exclaiming that they are far too broad and mostly seem unachievable, creating a sense of disbelief, enough to puncture the small amounts of hope we have in reserve to keep ourselves buoyant in such a critical time. One example includes;

SDG no.17: Forests and Land

“By 2020, ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems and their services, in particular forests, wetlands, mountains and drylands, in line with obligations under international agreements “

What action are we seeing to enable this goal to be met in under 9 months’ time?

As the talk continued, it was clear that most, not all, of the crowd wanted to know what they could do, what action can be taken right now to support our planet, so we can aim towards these with a sense of community, togetherness and progress. It is clear that this particular information around SDGs is a step back for Stroud, we know that data shows inconceivable damage to our planet. Enough talk, more action! Perhaps this information, given to an audience in communities newly interested in the idea around climate change, may be a motivating streak and alarming wake up call, to boost and encourage people into action. But Stroud is already there..

Individuals from the crowd began asking questions and explaining what action they have organised or been a part of. Energy began to rise and lift, it was a chance to hear some hope and to feel some movement. Susie Medley gave information on her up and coming transport group linked with Transition Stroud, Melissa Briggs stood up and talked about her ‘heliomotion’ energy solution, an idea to map out the action in Stroud to raise awareness and gather people power was called out.

Joe’s slides show an overview of what action we can take to raise awareness of the SDGs. He ended the talk by explaining about the very critical and impending issue of 5G. Joe has a wealth of knowledge and research about 5G and has connections to scientists who are working to bring evidence against the health and safety of this new technology. We hope to bring Joe back, along with the 5G group newly formed in Stroud, to learn in more depth about 5G, discern the conspiracy from the evidence and truth and talk about the options for what we can do about.

Thanks to all who came, thanks to Joe and thanks to Transition Stroud for support YHYP to bring this information to the surface.

See reference section for more information on what was shared in the talk and what other action is happening around Stroud.

Beth F Richardson, 8.5.2019


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